TMT:02 Ferdy Unger-Hamilton on AI Lawsuits, independent label success, the future of A&R, and partying in Bono's hotel room

Welcome to The Money Trench. In this episode, Mark is joined by A&R heavyweight and former major label head, Ferdy Unger-Hamilton. In another big week for the industry, the conversation covers major label lawsuits, the Rolling Stones on Roblox, and an in-depth discussion of the most important parts of A&R. Reflecting on his career, Ferdy talks through his very first job interview taken on a payphone, to his time at the top of major labels Polydor, Columbia & Virgin, and life now at his own indie label Promised Land Music. NEWSLETTER Sign up HERE for TMT newsletter - featuring each week’s hottest music industry stories. PPL  The Money Trench is sponsored by the PPL who celebrate their 90th year in business this year. KEEP UP TO DATE For the latest podcast and music business updates, make sure to follow us on:  Instagram: @the_money_trench LinkedIn: The Money Trench Website: The Money Trench GET IN TOUCH If you have any feedback, guest suggestions or general comments? We’d love to hear from you! - Get in touch here! Thanks to our partners PPL  Earth/Percent Tom A Smith Aimless Play Fourth Pillar Sennheiser Junkhead Studio Tape Notes Executive Producer: Mike Walsh Producer: Tape Notes  Recorded and Edited: Will Lyons & Jonathan Coughlin