Tino and Tonya

Tino Cochino is a nationally syndicated radio host known for building a personal connection with his listeners and viewers across the country. His girlfriend, Tonya, is a self made business owner that has absolutely no issue speaking her mind and making her point. We decided to start this podcast because we feel communication is key for any and all relationships. You might not always like what you hear, but in order to grow, patience and trust have to be tested. We hope that through our weekly conversations we can help you with whatever situations you may be going through with those closest to you. Together (and individually) we're working on becoming the best versions of ourselves. From transparency to therapy, trauma and triggers, to love and more, we're talking about it all! If you have topic ideas, questions, thoughts, comments or concerns, we're here for it! Shoot us a DM via Instagram: @tinoandtonya