Michel Moers talks about his new album As Is

Brian Carney meets Michel Moers (Telex) at Freaksville for the release of his album As Is on 19 April 2024.Michel Moers, emblematic member of Telex, returns in 2024 with 'As Is', 33 years after his first solo album. This opus fuses thoughtful electronic music with surreal touches, marking a turning point in his career. It features a number of collaborations, including one with Claudia Brücken on "Microwaves", reminiscent of 2000s electropop, and "New Friend", reminiscent of the work of Bryan Ferry. "Les gens sont affligeants", an updated song written with Jacques Duvall, underlines its relevance in our individualistic age. Moers has devoted himself to photography and architecture, perfecting his musical compositions. The remastering of Telex albums with Mute Records revived his aural skills. Despite the death of Marc Moulin, Moers continues his artistic journey, proving that even after decades, he still has important messages to share. "As Is" embodies a triumphant return and constant innovation, testifying to Moers' vitality in today's music world.Vinyl on Freaksvillemusic dot com