Hopeful Conversations

Hopeful Conversations is a short three-part video series recorded on the unceded land of the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation; we pay our most profound respect to Elders past and present. Singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist and engineer, Milan Ring has created this series inspired by her debut album ‘I’m Feeling Hopeful’ which explores the themes of hope, love, control and more. The album was created throughout isolation in 2020-2021, during which Milan had many conversations with other creatives and artists about the impacts of lockdown and mental health in general. It was from these conversations that the idea for this series was sparked. Joining Milan in these conversations is Rashida Dungarwalla, a Psychologist / Clin. Psychotherapist who works at the Indigo Project and also has her own private practice and platform called @flow.state.space. Rashida brings her wealth of knowledge to each of these conversations, sharing her toolkit for juggling life as a creative. Each episode will see Milan & Rashida joined by a new guest, covering the topics of procrastination, perfectionism, burn-out, boundaries and the critical mind in a casual and uplifting way. Questions you might like to ponder on are: When do you feel the freest? When are you the most inflow/ in the zone? What is an uplifting social media account or podcast you follow or a book that’s been profound for you? What makes you feel hopeful? The music in this episode is ‘Hopeful’ by Milan Ring.