Benjamin Schoos' Head-Hand

A science fiction audio drama created by Belgian artist Benjamin Schoos and co-written with Raphael Dethier.An extraterrestrial organization invades the world to seize uranium reserves and develop biotechnologies. Aided by Satan and a technology that emits wave radiation, the aliens enslave humans by taking possession of their right hands, thus creating the U-Hands. These beings, devoid of will, are exploited in the mines. The occupiers are repelled by a handful of fierce and heavily armed resistance fighters: Jesus, an interstellar bounty hunter; his son Philip Joseph, a geeky archaeologist; and Laetitia, an angel with telepathic powers.Head-Hand Written by Benjamin Schoos and Raphael Dethier Dialogues Adapted into English by Claire Wilcock Recorded by Benjamin Schoos at Freaksville Studio, Maxime Wathieu at Wood Studios, and Christophe Loerke at Lovo Films Music by Phil MFU, Benjamin Schoos Sound Design by Benjamin Schoos Mixed and Edited by Benjamin Schoos Produced by Benjamin Schoos Cast: Claire Wilcock as The Narrator, The Secretary Brian Carney as Colonel Satan, The Axolotl, Colonel Faithman Phil MFU as Philip Joseph, The Hermit Richard Brett as The Dermatologist Laetitia Sadier as Laetitia Tavier Madeleine Baudot as Karen 666 Bertrand Burgalat as Bertrand the Scientist Takuya0317 as Damo Vincent Tavier as Vincent Tavier Chris Cummings as Radio DJ, The Alien President Credits: Les Éditions du Caïd / Freaksville 2024 With the Support of SABAM for Culture