#112 Dmitry Distant & The Animalists compilation

Dmitry Distant is a Moscow born and raised music producer living in Latvia since 2016. He is also an animal advocate, music label 'Electronic Leatherette' owner and the creator of an electronic music compilation 'The Animalists' with tracks by musicians who are vegans, and the entire income from this release is donated to a Russia based organization 'Vita Animal Rights Centre'. In this interview, we talk about all of that, about the illegal hunting dog training stations in Russia, about speciesism and veganism, media responsibility, the music industry and a little bit about our moms.  Music: Lectromagnetique - Their Tears Efemme - Kaluga Coherer - Crisis Pustota - Z_G Dmitry Distant - Zenith Check out 'The Animalists': https://electronicleatherette.bandcamp.com/album/the-animalists Follow him on Instagram: http://instagram.com/dmitrydistant And if you really liked this conversation, check out my other stuff and consider supporting my work: http://patreon.com/Sndris Cheers! Sandris
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