Addicted to Busy - Work/Life Balance for Property Managers

If you're a property manager who feels like you're constantly running on empty, this is the podcast for you. Addicted to Busy highlights the real struggles in the industry that no one talks about. We know that the property management industry can be extremely demanding and often very challenging to find a good work-life balance. That's why we created this podcast - to help property managers like you elevate their lives outside of work and become an amazing mentor within the industry. Each episode, we'll share impactful tools and stories from top experts who have been in your shoes and have found success in up leveling their careers while still making time for themselves. We believe that together, we can reshape the future of this industry and make it more manageable for busy people like you. So if you're ready to take control of your career and your life, subscribe now and join us on this journey! www.annajavellana.com
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